Trading & Rental Division

We are marketing our Industry Experience to fulfill Quality Commitment in each and every requirement points of you.

Trading Division of our company can supply various products ranging from:

  • Industrial, residential and commercial lighting.
  • Lamps & Lighting Components.
  • Low Voltage Switchgear Panel boards and components.
  • Sales & Rentals of Power Generators.
  • Sales of welding Machines and Welding Electrodes.
  • Dewalt and Black & Decker High Performance Industrial Tools.
  • Metal cutting & Grinding Discs.
  • Power Cables, Wires and Wiring Accessories.
  • And all kind of electrical Items.

Osram, Telemechanique, Clipsal, Hager, Merlin Gerin, Duke, Dewalt are some of the leading brands we are associated with, confirming high quality, design and innovative technology to ensure high performance and excellent outcome.

We procure, warehouse, deliver and distributes electrical, mechanical and industrial equipment, including: power delivery equipment, motors and driver, general purpose and programmable logic controls, valves and instruments, lamps and lighting system, conduit and conduit fitting, cable tray system, wire and cables, grounding protections, industrial tools, safety products from G.E. and other qualified manufacturers

Electrical, Industrial and Construction

We can supply full line of electrical, industrial and construction products, industrial controls, lamps, lighting, wires, wire markers, wiring devices.


Manual changeover Switches in 63A to 4000A with/without OFF position these are complying with IEC -947-3 and IEC 408. Available in motorized versions also

Fully Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) in 25A to 2500A, custom made to the client requirement, conforming to the latest international standards

Isolators are available with various accessories in a compact design and tested to the latest International Standards Sizes ranging from 25A 3&4 Poles to 3150 a 3&4 Poles are available

Lamps and Ballast

Incandescent Lamps, Halogen Lamps, HID Lamps, Fluorescent Lamps, Compact Fluorescent Lamps. Ballasts-Mercury, Ballasts-Metal Halide, Ballasts-High Pressure Sodium, Ballasts-T Type Lamps, Energy-Saving High-Frequency Electronics Ballasts Metal Halide Fitting, & Etc.

All range of metal halide fitting, Halogen tube, mirror light fitting, exhaust fans, band spring & Cable pullers.



Molded Case circuit Breakers (MCCB) ranging from 16A to 1600a 1/3/4 Poles with a fault current breaking capacity of 16 to 100kA and conforming to IEC 947-2


Miniature circuit Breakers (MCB) up to 100 a in 1/3 Poles with a breaking capacity of 3/6/9 Ka, The applicable standards are IEC 898/IEC 947-2


Residual Current circuit Breakers (RCCB) ranging from 127V to 230V in 2 poles, and 230V to 400V in 4 Poles the current rating available are 16A/10mA, and 25-100A/30mA-100Ma-300mA the applicable standard is IEC 1008. Capacity of 16 to 100kA and conforming to IEC 947-2

Tools, Testers and Meters

Industrial Tools:

Impact drills, Impact Wrench, Rotary Hammers, grinders, Cutters, Drivers, Saws, Hydraulic Bender, Mechanical Bender, Power Puller Package, Rope, Fish Tape System, Cable Cutters, Knockout Punch Sets, Dieless Crimper, PVC Benders, Hand Tools, Multi-meter Circuit testers, Cable Locators.


Single Phase Transformer, Three Phase Transformer, auto Transformer, Buck Boost Transformer Drive isolation Transformer

Wire, Cable and Accessories

Single Core Cables, Bare Copper Conductors, Portable Cord, Portable Cord, Arc Welding Cables THW Copper Conductor, THHN – THWN Copper Conductor, TFFN Copper Conductor, Romex UF and NMC Copper conductor, Coaxial Cable, Instrumentation cable. Wire Accessories– Wire-Nuts, Wire Connectors, Pulling Grips, Terminals, cable Lugs, Cable Terminators, Cable Ties, Electrical Tapes, Cable Glands

Wiring Devices

Switches: Designer Collection, Residential Grade, Commercial Grade, Specification Grade, Combination Switches; wall Receptacles: Designer Collection, Residential Grade, Commercial Grade, Specification Grade, Single Receptacle, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter; wall Plates Plugs & Connectors, Locking Devices, Dead Front: Interlocked Current, Breakthrough Receptacles, Delayed Action Circuit Breaking, Receptacles; Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Wet Location Cover; European Range Wiring Devices.


Die Cast aluminum weatherproof Boxes: One Gang T-Boxes, Two Gang T-Boxes, Flanged Boxes, Deep Boxes, Round Outlet Boxes, Universal Lamp holder, Covers; PVC Boxes: Junction Boxes, Device Boxes, Floor Boxes Cover, Lighting Fixture assemblies; steel Boxes: Outlet Boxes, switch Boxes, Gang Boxes, Utility Boxes, Masonry Boxes, Floor Boxes, Covers.
Cable Management systems Fiber Glass Cable Tray & Fitting, Cable Ladder & Fittings.

Cable & Wire (Power)

The sub categories under Power cables &Wires Products include:

  • Fire alarm Cables LSF Cables
  • MDPE Cables
  • PVC Flexible cables
  • Rubber flexible Cables
  • Single Core Wires
  • Telecommunication/Data Cables
  • XLPE Cables
  • Channel, wireways, Pull Boxes and Hardwares

Fiberglass: Channel Framing, closure Strip, Strut Post Base, Concrete insert, Punched Channel Framing; Metal Framing Channels & Fixture Fittings, channel Nuts & Hard-ware Wireway, Pull Boxes.


Rigid Steel conduit, Electrical Metallic Tubing, Intermediate Metal Conduit, Aluminum Conduit, PVC Conduit, PVC Coated Conduit, Flexible Steel Conduit and kopex – Conduit System

Conduit Bodies and Fittings

Rigid Conduit Fitting: Elbows, couplings, connectors, Nipples, Pulling Elbows, Long & Short Elbows, 3 piece Coupling, Hubs, Reducing Washers & Bushings, Male Enlargers, female Reducers, Straps, Hangers & Clamps, Unions, reducers, Couplings & Plugs, Flexible Coupling, Hazardous Expansion Joints, Sealing Fittings, Drains & Breathers, Sealing Compound, Hazardous Union, Hubs & sealing, Fittings; EMT Fitting: Elbow, couplings, Connectors, Straps; PVC Fitting; coupling, End Bell, adapters, Elbows, Expansion coupling, Base Spacers; aluminum Conduit Fittings: Elbow, Fittings; Kopex range Fittings, Liquid Tight Fittings: Coupler, Connector, PVC Coated Conduit Fittings.


Modular Enclosures, Industrial Enclosures, corrosion-Resistant Enclosures, Polyester Boxes Polyester cabinets, Cabinets for Underground Cable, Junction Boxes.


Power Fuses, Midget Miniature & PC Mount Fuses, Medium Voltage Fuses, special Purpose fuses.